The 3 Most Devastating Hurricanes in the US

Hurricanes are the large natural disaster that has taken an enormous number of lives in the United States. It causes the dreaded calamities and damage on your properties. The United States have seen a lot of hurricanes throughout the years, but three hurricanes will never be forgotten. These super storms left painful memories that will be remembered forever. Let’s look back and check the three most devastating hurricanes that hit the Unites States.

3.    Hurricane Katrina


Hurricane Katrina hit in the year 2005, and it was the third deadliest hurricane that left more than 1500 people dead. At Category 3, Hurricane Katrina was also the costliest hurricane that hit the United States for a total of $108 billion in damages caused. It hit the state of Florida before getting more strength in the Gulf of Mexico to create chaos in the state of Louisiana and released thirty-three tornadoes.

2.   Lake Okeechobee Hurricane


The Lake Okeechobee or also known as The Forgotten Storm, killed 2,500 up to possibly 3,000 people in the year 1928. People died from drowning as this beast caused the water to go up 10 to 15 meters. It reached landfall in the U.S at Category 4 after it hit Puerto Rico at Category 5.

1.    Galveston, Texas Hurricane


The deadliest hurricane that ever occurred in the United States happened in Galveston, Texas leaving 8,000 to 12,000 dead dated September 08, 1900. Due to lack of awareness, people weren’t prepared for a Category 4 hurricane. It holds the record of having the highest death toll hurricane. It may not have the record of bringing the strongest wind that hit the United States, but the Galveston Hurricane took more lives than two hurricanes combined.

Even at this point, it’s hard to look back through all the damages and lives lost because of these hurricanes. We cannot go back, but we have to move forward and equip ourselves with preparedness over disasters.



How to Determine If Your Home Needs Air Conditioning?

It’s a fact that the heat is getting worse. At this time, who doesn’t want an air conditioning unit? No one, because all of us want the refreshing feeling brought by the cooling device. If you decide to get an air conditioning unit, it will take up a big chunk of your utility bills. You have to think first if you need an AC installed in your home. I’ll give you some things to ponder on so you can determine if you need an air conditioning unit installed.

1.    Is it a need or just a necessity?


As I’ve said who doesn’t want the refreshing feeling an AC can give you but ask yourself, do you need it to survive or is it just a little luxury for you but you can live on without it. There are instances that it is a must like if there is anyone in the family that has some health condition and having an AC will help them. In those cases, of course, you need to get an AC installed in your home. Just don’t forget the fact that it comes with another responsibility. You need to have it checked and regularly cleaned to avoid harm for your family.

2.    Budget


You have to take into consideration that it will add up at least $50 or more on top of your current electric bill. It’s an additional expense for your family. Just make sure that you weigh the benefits of getting an AC versus not getting one. Think if you usually have guests over because if your home is not cool enough, this can also cause a bad impression on them. Your house will also be at risk of getting a lot of molds and at risk of deterioration from too much heat.

3.    Weather


There are many options that you can do to keep your home cool without using an AC. However, you must determine the natural ways you are using applies to where you’re living. Other states have extreme weather condition, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I will not see a home without a cooling unit. Take the weather into consideration as well. If you’re living in a hot place, then it is just practical to get an air conditioning unit.

I hope these things can help you think. There is nothing wrong in getting an AC, just be practical in a way that you can get more benefits out of it than a burden of getting one.


5 Global Warming Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

It’s true. Earth is warming up, and global warming is already affecting a lot of lives. We have heard numerous things about it as well as climate changes. Well, Earth’s taking a big hit from the abusive ways that human race had done and is still doing. Here are some facts to enlighten you to help stop global warming. Hopefully, this information will give you a change of heart.

1.    Have you ever heard about the golden toad? Maybe not, since it has been the first to go extinct due to severe climate changes that have been happening on Earth. Extinction will not stop and over a million species of animals can go extinct like the golden toad. The animals are losing their natural habitat. The animals that we can see today may no longer be around for the next generation.


2.    Are you afraid of lightning? If not, you better should. If the global warming continues, lightning strikes will increase by 50 percent of what we are experiencing today.


3.    The last time the North Passage was passable it was way back 100 years ago. Guess what? Due to the drastic change in the climate and the ice are starting to melt, it is already passable at present.


4.    If global warming continues and we can’t do anything about it, the Arctic will see its first summer by 2040. I never thought a day would come that summer will be a word that can be used to the cold Arctic.

5.    The sea level will go up by 0.9m before the end of the century. We’ve seen how the sea level goes up, and it will continue. A lot of people will be in danger of this pending disaster as more than one-third of the world’s population are living within 60 miles of a coast.

It’s not too late. We can still do something. Let’s help the advocacy to stop global warming. Earth is our home, and we should be taking care of it, not destroying it.